MOBILE DJ                                       MOBILE VJ                                        MOBILE KARAOKE                INDIVIDUAL ACTS

     The Electric Cannon - SE-6
An electric cannon that shoots multi-colored confetti up to 35 feet in the air

     The Stadium Cannon - SE-7
Professional C02 cannon that shoots a continuous flow of confetti outdoors up to 80 feet in the air

     Digital Display Sign - SE-3
A table-top scrolling digital display sign with up to 200 character messages

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     Silly String Shootout - SE-4
Get blasted with a multi-colored array of silly string with our special silly string guns

     The Confetti Cannon - SE-1
Shoots multi-colored confetti up To a 30 ft radius


Special Effects

     The Toilet Paper Cannon - SE-2
Shoots 1,000 sheets of toilet paper in 30 seconds up to 30 feet in the air

     Champagne Confetti Bottle - SE-5
Pop this bottle of champagne that shoots multi-colored confetti up to 12 feet in the air

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